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There we were… a group of 4 women and 2 men. All are married except one. One of us- R has shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata, her hubby is still in Kolkata trying to shift here. She is living alone with her kid and has no friends or family. J’s hubby works in Merchant Navy. He spends 6 months travelling the world and she lives with her son. Thankfully, her parents are in Mumbai. And you know my status.

There is another female I know- M who is at a senior position… very senior. Her hubby was given an excellent opportunity in Kolkata. He couldn’t refuse it… she couldn’t leave her position. They have been staying apart for a year.
It is a recent trend… I had read about it.. I am meeting the people now. I thought such compromises have to be made only in the beginning of the career. It is not always possible to quit your job to change locations. It is easier to move ahead in the same organization than move and quitting work is not an option. And yet there is no life without the family.
Sigh!!! I hope… for us this is the end of the long road.. I know I don’t want to stay away from KC ever again… even if it kills him (:P).

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