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I was sitting at home alone last evening looking for something to do. I had already watched the new episodes of all the series so I picked up the very interesting book am currently reading but the restlessness wouldn’t go away. I was supposed to go to the gym, make my strength training plan, make the training plan for ADHM but I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. So, I lay there like a lazy sloth like I have done since I returned from Jaisalmer. And I did the same before I went on vacation because there is no point in starting something when you know you have to take a break. I have been extremely bored and de-motivated the last few days and I know why- I haven’t been to the gym. Working out keeps me engaged, sane, satisfied and active.

“Why am I like this?”; I thought.

“What happened to the person who woke up at 3.30 am to run 27 km?”

“Why does that super motivated person disappear everytime there is a break?”

“How can this lazy sloth be the same as that person whose idea of getting high is doing push ups?”

I know it isn’t just me. Everyone goes through this slump. Thankfully, my rebound point is Friday TRX. I rarely miss TRX. Even when the regular trainer is on leave and a trainer who is not half as much fun takes the class, I will wake up 6.30 am, pack my laptop, 4-5 tiffins, take a shower, pack office clothes, rush to the gym ahead of time to register for the class (it gets packed so we need to come few minutes early and register for it and they don’t take registrations on the phone), attend the class, take a shower, change into office wear and drive like a maniac to reach office before 10 am. It is hectic and requires a lot of planning and time management. But I do it. Because if I miss TRX, my break will continue till the next Friday.

TRX is my rebound point- it gets me back on track and back on the bandwagon. Let’s face it, entering the gym is 80% of the battle. I know am going to give it my best once am in there. And if I don’t, then I really need a break.

Tomorrow’s 15 km does not look as daunting now.

What is your rebound point? Do you have one or does your break continue for years?

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  1. I read this on reddit a few weeks ago: motivation is temporary, discipline is permanent. I tell my wife to kick my ass (verbally of course!) if I feel lazy on an evening I am supposed to work out.

    Another thing I read somewhere else is to never miss more than one workout day consecutively.

    The first has definitely helped me and I think the second one will as well going forward

    • You are so right. I will try the second one, the first one is not possible because I live with the laziest person on this planet.

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