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I was watching ‘America’s next top model’ today. I think Reality shows are the best thing to happen to TV after Ekta Kapoor. No.. no… I do not watch Kkkkk serials but know a lot of women and young nubile girls who get their home science education through them (a very scary thought for the men).

The other MTV Wassup (amazing advertising by Pepsico) surveyed youngsters and asked them whether politics, bitching, cat/dog fights, abuses on reality shows are representative of today’s generation. Everyone’s answer was positive.
The pressure that youngsters have to go through… top grades, well dressed, popular among opposite sex, talented… whew!!! The list is endless. Gone are the days when men only had to get good jobs and women husbands with good jobs. Life is much more tough now… we want it all (I am including myself in youngsters)… good jobs (well paying, good profile, good location), good hubbies (with good jobs, good companions who are madly in love with us), good lifestyle (nice house with maid, coffee at 5 star hotels, luxurious vacations, stints abroad). The competition is killing. Succeeding solely on merit is impossible now… PR is more important.

Coming back to reality shows… they are super duper time pass and have it all…. good looking men and women, loads of abuses, dumb tasks, bitchiness, skimpy clothes. Fultoo entertainment.

Roadies is quite good. I hate Palak… there is a community if facebook dedicated to her called ‘I hate Palak’. Palaumi is cute with her obsession for make up. I was sad when Sufi left.
Splitsvilla is fun… I didn’t watch the 1st season and don’t miss even one episode now. It helps that the repeat is telecast everyday. I like Joanna… and I am waiting for the next episode when Mohit cheats on her with Sakshi. More entertainment.
America’s top model is good too. Who said modelling is only about looking good? It is about the right attitude, confidence, good body, glowing skin, correct posture and lots more.
Big Boss was sad without Rakhi Sawant… The love triangle of Payal, Monica and Rahul was not spicy enuogh.
I tried watching the shows on Real but they were quite dull. Raghu is diluting his image by hosting them.

Any other good reality shows?

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  1. Okay, So you are totally engrossed and a big fan of MTV Weekends…hehe 😛

    There are some real ‘Good’ Reality show coming on STar World and AXN…
    They are really good ones…

    And wait for Akshay Kumar’s next Season on Colors…!:)

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