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My reading has really suffered in the last one year. It has taken a backseat due to my gym schedule. I read 6 magazines during the long weekend dating back to at least 4 months. This week I decided to read atleast 10 pages everyday. The kindle app makes my life so much easier… I can read books on the phone, iPad, iPod touch and even online. I think I should buy a kindle… Not now, maybe in Jan.

Anyway, my bro had recommended ‘India after Gandhi’ on his blog. Yep, he blogs too. After a break I have started reading the book where I left off. And am loving it. It’s a book every Indian should read. The author has rightly mentioned that our history books end at Independence. They don’t go into details of what happened next. I have really come to respect politicians of that time. They really cared about the country. It wasn’t just personal gains that motivated them. And they were broad minded. Specially Nehru. Since he was from a rich family and well travelled he had very modern ideas. So different from the politicians of today’s times. I was literally cheering when the first elections after independence were won by Nehru. The great part about the book is it is not biased. It gives a balanced picture about the events. I still have 80% of the book left but really liking it.

I am so sore from devil’s circuit and hurt all over. I discover a new bruise everyday. It reminds of a friend telling me that her massage wali did not believe her when she said that the bruises are from the gym. She probably thought her husband beat her.

Its amazing how new friendships can be forged everyday and how they change over time. P was a Management Trainee when I was in sales in Delhi. I am always happy to have women in my team… It’s a welcome change from all the men around. Let me make one thing clear- there are mostly men in sales not because companies don’t recruit females, it’s because women don’t want to join sales. Anyway, P was around for a month or two and then I moved to Mumbai in a new role. She also moved to Mumbai for a stint in marketing and was finally put in my old territory in sales. She would call me for help and I was more than willing to help since I had a soft corner for the territory and team. When I moved back to Gurgaon we would meet up every month for lunch. I love doing lunch on weekdays…. It really breaks the monotony of a work day. Now she is the same role in Mumbai and we catch up whenever either of us is in the city. And now she is going through the same stuff I did. Life can be so unpredictable sometimes. It never fails to surprise.

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