Read this if you are a woman on the verge of entering a live relationship or marriage

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Warning : This is a sexist post and written in jest. Don’t you get your panties or boxers in a twist over it

Questions you should ask the man you are going to start living with

  • Can he cook?

Very, very important. It is a life saving skill and everyone should know the basics of cooking.

  • Can he clean?

A messy house is not cute once you turn 25 years of age. It points to a major shortcoming. Here is what you should do- show him the picture of a messy house and check if he notices any of the below:

  • If switches are left on
  • If the couch has crap lying around
  • If days old newspapers are lying around
  • If the laundry bag is overflowing with clothes
  • If the furniture has dust on it
  • If all the remotes in the house are working or the battery needs replacement (bonus points for this one)
  • If clothes are still on the drying rack
  • If clothes have been neatly folded
  • If the laptop bags have been stored away
  • If the shoes have been put in the shoe rack
  • If there are dirty socks lying around
  • If the empty wrappers and bottles have been thrown into the trash

A score of 5 and above is good, above 8 means he is catch and less than 4 means you need to dump him NOW.

  • How often does he call his mom?

The frequency should match yours. The more often he talks to her, the more involved she is in his life and the more involved she will WANT to be in yours.

  • Can he dry clothes correctly?

You don’t realise there is a correct way to dry clothes till you see the incorrect procedure. Basically, the larger clothes will be on the top rack and smaller clothes on the bottom rung. Common sense, right? I can bet my life there are plenty of CEOs who make decisions for 1000s of employees but will not have this simple skill.

  • Can he fold clothes neatly?

Women’s clothes are complicated. Even our underwear is of different shapes and sizes (hipster, bikini, thong, no VPL, boy shorts etc etc) and we keep upgrading them every few months leading to a lot of confusion. And that is just the simplest kind of clothing. Ask a guy to fold your bras and see him ruin the most expensive piece of your clothing.

  • Can he recruit household help?

Everyone knows how to recruit in the corporate world but ask them to deal with household help and watch them crash and burn.

  • Does he close the shower curtain BEFORE taking a bath instead of AFTER?

Real life conversation:

Me : Please close the shower curtain

Him : Will do

Me (after his shower) : Didn’t you use the curtain?

Him : I did but AFTER the bath. You didn’t specify when… your fault

Me : facepalm

  • Does he make weekend plans with you first and then with his friends or vice versa?

You do not want to be an after thought. The number of men I see who treat their partners like an inconvenience!!!

  • What are the other interests which will compete with you?

Very, very, very important. You do not want to spend your life watching cricket (if you hate it), terrible Bollywood movies… worse, South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi.

  • Does his temperament with regards to food match yours?

Is he veg or non veg? I, for one, would NEVER EVER live with a vegetarian. EVER. Also, you need to be sure both of you are either experimental when it comes to food or prefer the same old and comfortable. Food is a large part of living together and a common ground will prevent many conflicts.

That’s it. These are things nobody asks while dating but should when they plan to live together. I mean, if a man can check if the woman is a virgin, if she will live with his parents, if she will shift her location for him, if she will change her dressing/lifestyle/wear mangalsutra/put sindoor etc… why can’t women check the above?


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