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Whatta movie…. after a long time… a good Bollywood movie.
It is not a new story- a mix of Mahabharta and Godfather.
The performances are amazing… Manoj Bajpai is Duryodhan, Ajay Devgan is Karan, Nana Patekar is Krishna, Arjun Rampal is Yudhisthir, Ranbir Kapoor is Michael Corleone from ‘Godfather’ or very loosely- Arjun.
I loved Manoj Bajpai acting and clothes. Fabulous… and after so long.
Katrina Kaif has “tried” to act and failed, as always… but full marks for effort. Ranbir is still raw… good but raw.
Do not miss this one. The songs are good too.
For some… the violence and killings may get too much… ‘coz a lot of people die… but then again, politics is like that. Look at Bhutto family, Gandhi family and also Mahabharta.

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