Rain… rain… go away

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Day 1 of rains in Mumbai and its a fiasco. I took a rick to office today since the car is punctured. In hindsight it was a good decision. At 5 pm it started raining. I left office at 6.15 pm and tried to flag an auto. Nobody stopped. Finally one of the colleagues sent his car and driver to drop 4 of us to Kanjurmarg. We planned to take an auto from there. It was raining heavily with knee deep water near Powai lake. We managed to find an auto which accommodated all 4.

As luck would have it it stopped at Bhandup and wouldn’t start. We got out in the rains (with our laptops) and tried to flag another auto unsuccessfully. Thankfully the earlier auto started and rescued us. Near Asian Paints- 5 mins from my house, there was a big jam. We got out again in the rains and walked all the way. The other 3 took another auto to Thane check naka at the signal while I walked home. The area between the mall and home was flooded and I had to wade through really dirty water.
The cook could not come so I had to order in… and there was no water to even wash clothes.
The monsoons are going to be a trying time.
Its better when it rains at night… instead of during the day. Atleast then I will be able to stay home incase of water logging.
My earliest memories of rains are of Mt Abu. It would get dark, cold and gloomy. Rains were torture… sticky everywhere… the umbrellas, raincoats and rain shoes had to be with us at all times… days had to be spent indoors with nothing to do… clothes wouldn’t dry and when put near the dryer (with coals) the lace/ends of undies would burn a little and become hard… very uncomfortable…. snails, earthworms, hari buchis (caterpillars with spines) everywhere.
A’bad rains are good… it is sunny and raining… rain dates were fun… and driving in the rain was so much better…

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  1. I have seen many rain-haters but still I get surprised when I meet one. Probably its the hassles and not the actual rains that’s the problem.

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