Raaz 2

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Umm… I don’t think I can give a proper review of this one… watched the scary parts with my face covered.
Raaz 2 is scarier than Bhoot, Raaz, Vastu Shashtra and Gauri…. definitely worth a watch.
It is a usual Bollywood horror movie…

7 thoughts on “Raaz 2

  1. Common… it has atleast one very good song, and the best part is they have placed it towards end. I would say wholesome entertainer…

  2. @ I don’t remember the song… Yeah… good horror flick
    @Anonymous: I have a Emraan fan visiting this blog??? I don’t think you are my target audience. (I hate Emraan… I have even seen him in real life)

  3. May be u dnt buy Haasmi stuffs, but Raaz 2 to apne dekhi hai .. kahan theatre or pirated copy ?

    Sumone commented tha ” definitely worth a watch”

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