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Hi. I have not written in 2 weeks. I have been lazy or caught up in other things. Also, I have not been in the best frame of mind. You can control your conscious mind… get busy with work… workout… daily, inconsequential routine… but you cannot deceive the unconscious mind… the controlled thoughts resurface in dreams… when you are sitting idle… as flashes of memory.

I am better now… much better. Time is the only healer. It dulls the pain and makes you forget.

I was in Indore few days back and very impressed with the development in the city. Not only with the malls that have come up but also the BRTS, roads etc. I met my ex-colleague and he told me all about the city. I also visited his house, met his wife and son. This is a first for me. I like to keep things professional and he is not someone I chat with regularly. All in all, it was fun. I also went to Bhopal but that city is nothing to write about. When KC had his stint in Indore I visited him a few times. We had a hard time finding a hotel ‘coz we were not married and most hotels do not allow unmarried couples to stay in the same room (So weird!!!). We even bought our rings from Indore.

Today was fun and I was looking forward to it. Gurgaon has started celebrating ‘Raahgiri Day’ every Sunday from 7 am to 12 noon. The idea is that roads are for the people and not just vehicles. 2 roads – Galleria Market and Park Plaza and 1/3rd of 2 roads are blocked for traffic. People can use the streets for recreation. There was even a race today which I missed (late night drinks session with KC and his friend… I didn’t drink.. just accompanied thwm) ‘coz I woke up late. I reached at 7.30 am and started my 6 km run. Many people were completing their 6/10/14 km runs. Fitness First conducted 15-20 mins sessions on weight lifting, body combat, zumba (I attended this), kickboxing/karate etc. They are opening a new outlet in South Point Mall and this is a good way of getting people to join. Coke had put up a stall for water/cold drinks/juices. Unfortunately, they were not giving it for free. There were kids cycling, skating, playing frisbee, football, cricket, badminton. People of all ages- old, teenagers, kids, middle aged were doing their own thing. Everyone was there- rich and poor. You would think that this initiative is only for the rich people of Gurgaon but it benefits all. After all, our house help, drivers, cleaners are an important part of this city. What would we do without them? (My cook is on 10 days leave and I miss her everyday).

I finished off the morning with a nice, healthy b’fast at Choco La. I am so happy that I have access to 4 km of open road for my jogging session every Sunday.

Btw, I have enrolled for the Airtel dream run of 6 km. Yet to receive their confirmation but I have started training. Sundays are my 6 km run days and I haven’t missed it once till now. It takes a lot of effort to reduce the time by every second and minute. I reduced 3 mins today which is great after completing in the same time for the last 3 weeks. But the 6 km takes its toll. I feel tired and need to rest for a few hours.

So, thats that then.

Sharing a picture I clicked of R day:


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