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Sorry, I haven’t had time to write. I wanted to but the exhaustion from early morning flights, chutiyaap work days followed by workouts and socialising was too much even for me.

The thought of how hectic next week is going to be makes me want to curl up in bed and never leave. I spent better quality and quantity of time in Gurgaon when I was travelling from Mumbai. There is so much work that I can’t imagine taking even one day off. Limiting work hours to the defined 4 hours on Saturdays is also a challenge. Not that being cooped up at home with MIL is very appealing either.

Thankfully, an early morning flight is restricted to only tomorrow so that is some relief.

Anyway, am going to turn in since I have a 4 am wake up call.

Here are posts that I must, must find time to type out:

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  • A rant against people who only want to make drinking plans with you even though they know you don’t like liquor


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