Pyaar ka Punchnama

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I had been hearing rave reviews of the movie on FB and finally decided to watch it in the 3rd week. The movie is about 3 young working men and their first experiences with women.

It is a completely guy movie with the abuses, lifestyle and failure to understand women.
Guy 1 (don’t remember the names) is a loser…. a pervert… he cannot talk to girls but manages to befriend one. She uses him for everything- borrowing money, dropping her home, doing her extra work etc etc. All this while she has a long distance boyfriend. Sounds quite familiar. I have come across many, many women who do this and do not have any sympathies with the guy. A loser will be treated as such.
Guy 2 gets into a relationship with a female and is madly in love. They move in together… life slowly turns hell. Just like a guy he wants to hang out with friends and live the way he used to. But his gf wants him to do spend all his time with her… and help in the housework. There is this scene where she is folding clothes and fighting with him. She is tired ‘coz he never helps out and she tells him; “You think I like folding clothes? Well, I don’t.” This was uncannily same as the fight KC and I had 2 weeks back. Exactly the same words were spoken. I guess we are not the only ones.
Guy 3 is a smart cookie and realizes that his gf is cheating on him with her ex. He hangs on for sometime and dumps her when she sleeps with the ex.
The 2nd half drags a bit and movie has to show the females as being psychopaths. There is no other way the guys could have gained sympathy. The guys were loving it.
An excellent movie from a new director and absolutely new actors. It is actually in the theatres even now.
Surprisingly, there were many kids in the theatre. The movie has abuses galore and I was shocked. Do I want my 5 or 10 year old using such language? Sure, they do hear it in schools anyway but would I deliberately choose to expose them to it? Absolutely not. And then we are surprised when rich kids are caught drunk driving and murdering people.

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