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The body pump module training at Bangalore this weekend has been cancelled due to the current political situation. Apparently, the verdict on the Cauvery water is supposed to be out tomorrow and flare up is possible. I had a vague feeling this would happen. Somehow, I couldn’t imagine myself travelling to Bangalore this weekend. I did not let this come in the way of my preparation though. The two tracks allotted were biceps and lunges which I had to present and shadow (follow a trainer). Last night I perfected biceps and started on lunges today morning.

The training has been rescheduled to next weekend but my travel, meetings and flight are already booked. Since it is an official trip, am not comfortable rescheduling them. The funny part is am in Bangalore next Monday and if the information had come yesterday, could have planned to be in the city on Saturday.

This leaves my weekend wide open and you know how much I hate that. Any way, just want to list down the pros and cons of the cancellation:

  • Cons
    • Flight expense : Indigo has agreed to waive off the cancellation charge and am still negotiating with Spicejet. I think it should happen. Thankfully, the flight wasn’t too expensive but I want to lose as little money as possible. Makemytrip has been torture. Their cancellation charges are higher than the flight fare and if you push them back on it, they ask you to speak to the airline. If I have to speak the airline, what is makemytrip charging for? As a middle man? When I cancelled the the trip to Hyderabad, MMT asked me to speak to Indigo. Indigo cancelled the flight and refunded the money to MMT 20 days back. MMT has not refunded the money to me. Why? Because I didn’t cancel the flight on their website. They cancelled the flight today and have agreed to give me the money in 7 days.
    • I didn’t spend enough time with KC when he was here.
    • Have skipped gym and run to use the time to prepare for the training. In the process, I have eaten some junk. Workout and eating right go hand in hand for me.
    • I have paid for the training and since the material has been given to me, it is not refundable.


  • Pros
    • The agency which organizes the training will inform me about the next training dates and I can attend it then
    • I was quite nervous and kept wishing I had more time. This gives me more time.
    • I have the material and can now prepare well for all the tracks.



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