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I got my BMA (Body mass analysis) done today to check my progress. This is mainly for October since I didn’t do really workout or diet in September.

Throughout the month I was hovering around 60 kg despite workout or clean eating. I am very happy with the progress.


  • My overall weight has increased and this is GOOD news
  • My muscle weight has increased by 1.1 kg. This is very good because muscles burn calories even at rest. The more muscles I build, the more calories I will burn even while doing nothing. Muscle also makes the body look toned. I need to increase my muscle weight by another 2.9 kg. I think by Decemeber I should be there
  • My fat weight has decreased by 1 kg. This is where I need to lose weight. I still need to lose 10.8 kg of fat. At this rate, I will reach the target in another 10-11 months which is a long time. I had targeted 2 kg fat loss for this month. I need to be more strict with my diet and workout. I have missed quite a few days this month. I want to reach the ideal fat weight by April end.
  • Even though my overall weight has increased the BMI has decreased
  • The body fat % has reduced by 2%
  • Basal metabolic rate has increased slightly. Need to work on this

I was so happy to see the progress that I treated myself to a dessert today.


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