Precious, precious sleep

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You know how it is. For once, every aspect of your life is going well. But that freaks you out.

Because after the calm, comes the storm. After a high, comes a low. A

one failure can derail your confidence to the extent that you wake up every morning expecting to screw up.

That is me right now and am trying to take each day as it comes. Because the only thing in my bigger picture is existential crisis.

Maybe this is the reason I haven’t been sleeping too well. Or maybe it is the change in city and nights spent in different hotels. If am replying to Whatsapp or social media messages at all times of the night, it isn’t because I sleep with notifications turned on. On the contrary, my phone goes on silent at night and turns on in the morning. Am up every few hours at night and checking my phone distracts me from my thoughts.

All I need is a full night’s sleep without dreams and pee breaks.

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