Powai is unlucky

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Last month we (KC and me) went for dinner to ‘Red Chillies’ at Hiranandani Powai. HP is close to home and not crowded… so going there is a pleasure. The dinner turned out to be a dud… we didn’t like the food, the bill was huge, we left hungry and broke. To cheer ourselves we headed to Baskin Robbins across the road or was it Gelato? Don’t remember… they all seem the same. Strangely, the ice cream sucked. We were dreaming of shifting to HP but this experience put us off.

2 weeks back we spent some time at Powai lake. I drive by quite often and thought it would be nice to just walk there. For dinner we headed to Sankalp at HP. Sankalp is a chain of South Indian restaurants started in Gujarat… A’bad, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Rajkot etc. It was my saviour in Rajkot. Nothing could go wrong here… or so we thought. The meal was duh… the sambhar didn’t taste the same… the dosa was crap… and everything was more expensive than in other Sankalp outlets.
We left disappointed… again.
If anyone knows any good restaurants in HP… plz let me know. But if I don’t like it… I will find you and kill you.

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  1. Dude cross the road is Gelato. It really sucks as the water content is much higher than any other brand. By the way do u know the meaning of gelato at all. Please dont spoinl the name of Baskin Robbins. It rocks. Just try Baskin Robbins hiranandani.
    Hope u wont spoil BR’s name in future.

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