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Cadbury’s has launched Perk Poppers. (I don’t have the pic). Priced at Rs 10 they are chocolate covered wafers just like Nestle Munch Pop Choc. The only difference is the taste and packaging. Munch tastes much better and is packed in a cardboard box which gives the impression of a larger quantity at Rs 10. Perk Poppers is packaged in a flow pack and quantity is less for Rs 10.
I have never liked Perk too much… I prefer Munch and Kit Kat. When Perk was launched I was in school and it was fashionable to have Perk… (it was an all girls convent boarding school… we had little to be fashionable about).

Anyway… I am watching ‘A Mighty Heart’ on HBO right now… have read the book and wanted to watch the movie. I had no idea Irfan Khan starred in this one. Crazy na!!! There is Ash who is on all the posters of Pink Panther 2… Mallika Sherawat advertised the fact that she was part of some Jackie Chan movie… and here is Irfan.. already a part of 2 international movies and so humble.

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