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An anonymous commentator asked me about my redundant fashion/beauty blog. (Write your name atleast… am sure you have a pretty name)

Sigh. I had more hits on that blog compared to any other. Clearly, beauty/fashion blogs are “in” right now and am not capitalizing on it.

There is a poll on the sidebar, please vote and help me decide if I should revive the blog or not. The blog link here

But before you vote, just a few things I will do or not do on the blog:

– I post outfit pics on instagram because it would just end up being spam on facebook and I can get away with low quality pics. I do not have time to use a DSLR for outfit posts.

  • KC will not go through that torture every morning for me
  • I will not go through the torture of setting up the tripod every morning

– If you are ok with phone pics, I have a great camera on Lumia 830, please vote for “Yay”

– The articles will be on shopping, fashion, product reviews, salon reviews etc etc. I avoid a lot of this stuff on my personal blog because I don’t want to lose the men in the audience. That’s why all the stuff about sex. Ok, am kidding. No, am not.

– I need a better name. Suggestions welcome

– I will not buy new make up just to review it. In fact, I haven’t bought a new lipstick in a year… because

  • I don’t NEED another lipstick
  • I don’t work in the beauty industry anymore so… no excuse to buy new lipstick
  • I don’t NEED another lipstick
  • Repeat… over and over and over again

– I could just contribute articles at blogs like IMBB and get paid for it… but I don’t want to

Ok… Ladies… and gentleman… vote karo. I will keep the poll open for a week. And please don’t embarrass me… ok? I know for a fact this blog has a looooot of visitors… so, vote, ok?

Even the trolls can vote… you finally have a say on this blog.


9 thoughts on “Please vote… peeps

  1. Ha ha ha.. I really think its a torture for husbands šŸ˜› But hats off to the people who do it.

    One question for you : HOW , How the hell do you do it . šŸ™‚

        • All credit goes to work… where I don’t have any work… All I want is so much work that I don’t have time to open facebook during the day. So yeah… we all have what we don’t want

  2. As long as you keep it separate I am all for you reviving it… i don’t understand fashion or makeup much so it is boring for me. But since you like it and people follow it why shouldn’t you.

  3. Yes..its interesting..i am lazy to try n test new products..due to few of ur posts I baught few new good stuffs.. So thumbs up

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