Pigeon Wars

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Frustrated… I flooded the balcony with water since cleaning it will not possible before Sunday. The pigeons still refused to move on. Why don’t they get it?

I returned home after hours of driving to find another egg. Thats when I lost it and threw it out of the balcony. The pigeon did give me sad looks while looking for it… but thats life.
I have not really started living in Mumbai… as in experiencing the city…
This is what I really really want to do here in 2010:
  • Join Shiamak Davar dance classes
  • Join British Library
  • Watch plays on weekends
  • Check all good restaurants in the city
  • Go for Heritage Walk
  • Take one of the tourist buses and explore the city
  • Go to Essel World and Water Park

Thats about it for now…

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