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My friends today are classified as below:

  • Best friends. These friends have passed the agni pariksha and are people I would happily give up my life for. There are only 3 people on this list. More importantly, these are people from whom I have lofty expectations and they have passed the agni pariksha unscathed. The bond is strong enough to survive any conflict and I can keep my ego aside for them.
  • Almost best friends. These friends have the potential to become best friends but am still doubtful about their reliability. I don’t like people flitting in and out of my life whenever they please. You are either in or you are out and hence, a whole new category for them. These are people I would be there for but only if they invest the same in the friendship.
  • Old friends. This is a whole category of people I was friends with – best friends and almost friends, but have lost touch over the years. These are people I will make time for if they call and want to meet up. Of course, meeting up leads to a lot of heartbreak but sometimes there is no way back. Both of us have moved in different directions and coming to a common point involves making a lot of efforts.
  • Social media friends. These are friends who are my support system on a day to day basis. People on twitter, instagram, facebook, WhatsApp. We connect because we have something in common. The chemistry may not translate into reality in the same way but it’s ok. All the moments when am not lonely is because of them. I wonder if it would be cheesy if I went around telling them how awesome they are. Yeah, too cheesy.
  • Old friends who aren’t friends anymore. Sometimes you have learned and shared everything that you could. The friendship has run its course and there is nothing left to exchange. These are friends whose calls I avoid and make excuses to meet up with because it is boring.
  • Fillers. Everyone else is a filler. I keep them to a minimum in my life.

What about you? Have you done a SWOT analysis of your friends?

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