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Hey. My weakness is hunger… not food… hunger. When I am hungry, I cannot think… become cranky… irritated…

Last few days, I have been on the verge of facing this weakness. No, we have not become paupers. Our gas cylinder is over and due to some shortage, it will at the end of this week. I do have a microwave… but showing the maid how to cook in it is a pain. I need to be present and direct her at every step. After a weekend of eating out, I decided to use the microwave. The plan was to cook pulav. Everything was going according to plan when the cook discovered pests in the rice. We had to throw it away, the plan was aborted and we ordered in.
Today I had a brainwave while shopping for groceries. I picked up packs of ready to eat. Many, many years ago (when I was in 11th std- around 11-12 years back), my mom and I had purchased the frozen parathas. I was impressed… they were strictly ok… but being able to heat packaged food and eat it seemed so much convenient. There was another time, my dad and I were alone for dinner. We had bought a packet of aloo mutter. The veg was good, but quantity was extremely low. Keeping all this in mind, I bought packets of different companies… atleast of one them would be decent and stocked up for 2-3 days.
We just had masala rice and aloo mutter. It cannot beat home cooked food… but is so much cheaper and more convenient than ordering in. A pack costs between Rs 40-95, depending on what is bought. A dal fry is more expensive than aloo mutter or rice.
It is nice to be able to have options.

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