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Some things which really bother me:

– Offensive people on social media. I am offensive to companies… rarely to people. The rule of thumb is… chat/Whatsapp/comment like you would talk to the person. Generally, we connect with strangers/acquaintances on social media… people we would be polite with… and definitely not offensive. With friends, I pick up the phone and talk… if I can’t, it will be personal whatsapp message. I am so tired of people ranting through comments. I used to be like that… but over the years have come to accept that there are good/bad/horrible… all kinds of people here with all kinds of views. There is enough going on in my life to stress me out without letting social media add to it. Walking away from a discussion is a sign of maturity… its something I am trying in real life but have perfected online. And a fanatic is definitely someone who will try to change your ideals (which is impossible) but will keep trying anyway. The other day I put up a status mentioning how I was complimented with ‘We think of you as a man in our team’. I work in sales… 99% of my colleagues are male… and have always been male… no matter which category I worked in (confectionary/women personal care)… It is a compliment to be compared to the men because I don’t know any women who are good at sales (maybe one but she spent only a year in the profile). Am I really going to fight with the person who complimented me over this? Don’t I have better battles to fight? I can think of so many other battles I would like to win… over this one. People need to take a chill pill and develop a sense of humor. How can anyone take social media so seriously? Its entertainment, people… not life. Real life is different.

– People who make offensive comments. I will give you examples. All are made by the same person

‘You are getting impossible with age’

‘Why do you have to be always with such a high agenda yaar’

‘Tumhe samjhna sirf kc ko hi aaya hai’

Nope… it did not sound funny instead I was insulted. And am not so close to him that he can make these comments. The option was between slapping him or just walking away. I made the latter choice. You may want to say I have become soft… I would like to call it mature. I only battle people who are important to me or I see them in my life 10 years down the life. Everyone else is dispensable. 10 years back I had enough time to pick fights with everyone… now am content picking fights only with KC 🙂 Thats why I married him, after all 😛

– People who see me differently because am married. I wish this would stop… I don’t see myself as married married. KC and I would have happily had a live in relationship and kids out of wedlock if we were not in India. Marriage is a piece of paper… either there is commitment and trust or there isn’t. There is no need for the whole drama of a wedding for a long term relationship. We are together because we want to be together and not because we are ‘married’. Here is a the truth- we got engaged/exchanged rings on our own when the hotel in Indore would not let us stay in the same room because we were not married. The rings gave us access to pre marital sex in all parts of the country. And we planned our marriage such that KC could ask his company for a location close to where I was staying. I don’t think the same consideration would have been given if we were living in… well, not really living in because I was in Rajkot and then Mumbai and he was in Pune and then Hubli. So, people… my marital status has nothing to do with who I am as a person… my marital status is between KC and me. If you are my friend… please treat me as an individual irrespective of whether am single/married/divorced… or anything else.

– Random people who ask me about kids. Seriously? Am I a bacha peda karne wali machine? I wish I could have a kid out of wedlock such so I can shut this people up or scandalize them into shutting up. From friends to colleagues to a random salon lady ask this. Manners, people. I will not discuss kids even when I have them… how can I talk about them when they don’t exist? Can my husband and I please decide this without your opinions? Why don’t you focus on having your own kids? As for the biological clock, adoption is always an option. So shut up. Next time someone asks me this, am going to walk away. I swear. I will do it and write on this blog about it. And if it is on chat, I will end the conversation there and then.

Am done. It feels so good.

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