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Saturday night was perfect. After watching the match (him watching it… me on laptop) we headed to Barbecue Nation for dinner. I have visited the Bandra outlet and liked the one in Thane as well. Best part is it is close to my house. After dinner we headed for a drive and coffee to Hiranandani, Powai.

I purchased a microwave and have decided to try new stuff. Over the weekend it was cake (again) and today it was idlis. The microwave has pre-set 131 recipes which makes cooking convenient. Unfortunately, idlis are not one of them. When I put them on momo recipes they got burnt.
This is how I managed to cook them:
  • I use the MTR mixture. Take 1 cup of mixture in another bowl. Add 1/2 cup curd and 3/4 cup water. Mix well and set aside for 5 mins
  • Grease an idli stand… the one specially made for microwave. Add the mixture. Be careful ‘coz the stands kept toppling over. No, it was not ‘coz I am overly clumsy
  • Place idli stand in the container. Do not add water. I made that mistake the first time. Cover
  • Keep on microwave on HIGH (900w in my case) for 4-5 mins. Remove from microwave and let it stand for 5 mins
  • Serve
I have been reading how food cooked in microwave can be better than on gas. I did not believe it… but now I do. These are the softest idlis I have ever eaten and they were cooked in 5 mins. Cooking idlis on gas can be a pain. The time taken is high and I have to check every few mins to see if they are done.
KC warned me against blogging about the microwave but I am excited. It is like a whole new world has opened up in front of me. I wish I had more time to experiment. Next on the agenda is paneer or chicken tikka.


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