People basis their Diwali wishes

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People who don’t wish you on phone call/sms/WhatsApp – The most sensible people. They know your Diwali will be good/bad irrespective of whether they wish you or not.

People who sms the wishes – Beware!!! They are dead and their ghost is trying to contact you.

People who WhatsApp their wishes and mention your name – Very genuine people. Make more efforts to keep in touch with them.

People who WhatsApp their wishes on groups – Lazy people. Believe in formalities and don’t give a shit otherwise.

People who WhatsApp their wishes without mentioning your name – It is a broadcast. Reply only if you have free time.

People who WhatsApp pictures instead of typing out one line – The laziest of the lot. Don’t waste your time downloading the image. Reply if you absolutely have to. It doesn’t matter either way.

Best friends – They already know what your Diwali plans are and don’t even need to wish each other. It is a given that you wish each other well.


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