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  • Shiney Ahuja rape case:

Somebody told me; “Why would he rape his maid? He is a Bollywood actor. Obviously, he will have better options”. I disagree. Rapists are horrible men and they pick victims based on their helplessness and not on looks. Why else would children get molested/raped everyday? His wife did a Hillary Clinton by supporting him in the media. Lady, atleast wait till he is proved innocent. Gone are the times when women were expected to support bad husbands. Speaking out against him after the DNA test had proved the rape would have garnered more sympathy. It is so sad… everyday the newspapers are filled with news of rape… it is very scary too. Sometimes I look around and think the world is all wrong…. too wrong.

  • Death of MJ:

I don’t know what the hue and cry is about… yes, he was an excellent singer… yes, he was a great performer.. but he ruined his life. It was fraught with scandal, drugs, plastic surgery. Is that the example an icon should set? And he is probably responsible for his own death… how wrong can you go when you have EVERYTHING at your beck and call? Seriously. I think people shedding tears for him is silly… Mithun had even said; “My God has died”.

  • New ads:

I love the new Cadbury ads. They were played all day on MTV on 1st July. People were discussing it even on Facebook. Good work.
Another good ad by Idea… “Walk when you talk”. Very good line of thought.
The new Coke ad “Strange Love” is brilliant… have not seen anything like it on TV.

  • Surat rape case:

The news of the rape case chilled me… school girls being raped by well off guys and blackmailed? How terrifying. Tomorrow (many many many years later) my daughter could go through this and I would never know. But then, molestors/rapists targeting young school girls is very common. Don’t believe me? I was molested at 6 am while going for my 12th std tutions in A’bad in a deserted lane. Thankfully, there were 2 old men with a dog taking a morning walk. I escaped and went to them for help. The molestor sped off on his bike. Like I said, everything is wrong with the world.

7 thoughts on “Pending things I wanted to blog about

  1. You are absolutely wrong, she does not have to wait until he is proven innocent. He is innocent until proven guilty. Further, a man like him wouldn’t sleep with that maid if he were paid to. She has taken his wife’c clothes and undergarments and faked the DNA stains. It is not very difficult for a maid to do. He is being framed by an organised group to extort money from him.

  2. If EVERYTHING is wrong with this world, then why would you go to the two old men with the dog! An optimist looks at a bird and builds a plane, a pessimist looks at a bird and builds a parachute.

  3. MJ would have invited wrath from the media for a lot of things but the only thing that we need to look at is that he was an amazing singer and performer..a bundle of talent. Does the rest of the things in his personal life matter to me..definitely not.

  4. @ Anonymous: You are paranoid if you think someone can fake the DNA test. Shiney Ahuja is not a celebrity that someone will try to exhort money from him.

    @ Anonymous: You are right… but what I meant was why is so much wrong with the world? I don’t understand the imbalance between right and wrong.

    @Appu: I disagree… a celebrity’s life is not private… and I would never be a fan of someone accused of child abuse. Whether someone is abusing other human beings or not is not a “private matter”.

  5. U never know….i am not sure whether the truth will come out about shiney or whether it has already come out for MJ?!!
    Its too complicated and easy to be manipulated always..

  6. Hey Bul…why do you think MJ was all wrong….

    Well agreed he was an Icon but he was also a human with defects just like u and me….give him a break and lets stop judging all celebrities with a magnifying glass baap….don’t you think its lil bit unfair by even judging how loud is their Fart…its like “Breaking News….Shahrukh Khan is involved in Noise Pollution Scandal….he farts at 50 Db which is loud and hence is contributing to the noise pollution….” (this was an example)

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