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Hiya… I have been gone long and I am truly sorry. I never thought blogging would suffer like this.

Life has been busy… hectic and most nights I come home so dead… all I do is have dinner, watch an episode or two of 90210 season 4, read a little and then sleep. I have not spoken to some friends in weeks and its not a good thing.
Sundays are for chores… movies… going out… fitting in many many things in one day. My day for tomorrow is already planned…
8 or 9 am: Wake up… cannot sleep late ‘coz of maid, cook, car cleaner asking for keys, laundry guy, garbage guy. Everyone descends on Sunday morning
10 am: B’fast of waffles and grilled sausages
11 am: Blood donation for KC’s friend’s father
12: Pick up reports from hospital
1.15-2.30 pm: Jazz
Evening: Dinner and maybe shopping…
I do want to slow down… I am not going out of my way to make things hectic but… there is so much to do. There is always some fire to put out… something to follow up on… somewhere to go… and many mails to send.
On Saturday I am flying to Mumbai for Rakhi since my bro is there. 14th to 21st, we are off to Leh, Ladakh, Kargil etc. It is our first trip with friends (KC’s friends). Totally looking forward to it. I have been shopping for warm clothes… could not find boots and had to buy something slightly similar. I am still searching for a good jacket, even if expensive.
I want a day to myself… when I have to do nothing. I wish I had Saturdays off… really need Sats off.

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