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It has been an awesome day. It started off well with a pleasant and scenic drive to a small town in AP with lots of gyaan and important advice. I am not going to shy away from contacting people for lots of advice once am back in Mumbai. Evening was spent in a long and fun conversation over hot chocolate at a very nice cafe. I wish Powai had more cafes. It is such a cafe type place.

I just got the news that one of my previous reportees got promoted as manager. I am so happy because I remember fighting for his promotion from executive to senior executive. It was frustrating seeing his good work and having to push his case to my managers. These managers had not worked with him and had no idea about his skills. They only judged him by their very limited interaction with him when he was intimidated by them and spoke very little. How do you push someone who is an introvert? The corporate is not for those who can’t self promote shamelessly. Or so I thought. I am glad the process works, it’s fair and the deserving do get the rewards. On days like this, I have hope. Days like this make all those fights worth it. Every person he reported to has slowly and steadily brought him till here. Am I giving myself and the rest of his managers too much credit? Maybe. Maybe not. I am also thinking about all the people who have been responsible for my career growth.

I am grateful to have seniors who I can turn to for advice and I hope people can turn to me for the same. Pay it forward.

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