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– Posted on 10th August 2007. Not impressed with Gurgaon… at all.

Hellios… you have been missed… I hope I have been missed too. I am sorry for the absence and the silence (so unlike me)… I do have reasons (new city, new friends, no internet access etc etc)… but they sound like excuses, so lemme spare you…
It is so disappointing when I visit a blog and it has not been updated…
I am in the city Gurgaon. Honestly, I don’t know what the hype is about… there is nothing great about the place… there are only malls… no stores, no autos, no buses, no cyber cafes… lots of pubs around, though.
The best part about my job right now is how unpredictable and inconsistent it is…
One day I maybe living in a shady hotel, travelling in buses to small towns, trying to understand the local language, having lunch with the salesman
The very next day I could be flying Kingfisher, staying in a luxurious apartment in a posh residential area, visiting hot shot AD agencies…
I never know what tomorrow will bring and thats what makes me HIGH!!!

– Posted on 14th September 2007. Bacha, as I called him then… or DK, as I call him now. Very fond of this guy. And I can still sense stuff… I know when something is not right. Sometimes its uncanny.

Beware: Below comes a discussion as philosophical and intellectual as it can get

At 8:00 am… Me pulling Bacha’s leg for not thinking clearly in his sleep.
Bacha: You mean to say you think logically and practically even in your sleep?
Me: Of course….
Bacha: Aren’t there any fantasies in your dreams?
Me: Nope… not much
Bacha: I sympathise with you
Me: You shouldn’t

And thats as philosophical as it can get between us… rest of the discussions revolve around “Who is dumber… you or me” (No, no… we ain’t competing for the ‘Dumb’ title, we are competing for the ‘Smart’ title)

Dreams are such beautiful gifts to us. It is easy to obtain tangible things. I can get a job, save up and buy the tangible.
How do you get the intangible things? Thats where dreams come in.
I dreamt something last night… there were unanswered questions in my mind… I had given up on them. I found the answers in my dream and I feel damn nice now. Maybe it was just a dream… but something is always better than absolutely nothing.

Dreams are born from the subconscious. Our dreams are an indicator of the state of our mind… Some of us are great at burying our fears, tears, pains, loneliness… even happiness. Dreams reveal all of these and much more.

I am a strong believer in telepathy, destiny, instinct. If there is someone I am missing too much, I usually get a call/mail/sms or some sign that the other person has been thinking about me. If I have a bad dream about someone, I realise that he/she is going through a rough patch… and I usually make decisions on an impulse and never ever regret them.
As for destiny… there is a higher power above which has a plan for each one of us. It depends on the path we choose. For example, if I had decided to join any other B-school life would have taken a different turn… and it would have been part of the plan.

Aah… life is good… for now (touch wood).

– Posted on 10th September 2007. Describing people who were my friends and enemies in the 1st year of the job.

What happens when 10 people from different locations, B-schools with varied attitudes, prejudices etc come together???

Hmm… I am not sure either but everyday is a step towards its discovery. After 3 months of being together and apart, we all have reached a comfort zone (I’d like to believe that)

(Incase you are still wondering what I am blabbering about… we are 10 MTs. After spending 5 days together in the same house, we were sent to different locations for 2 months… most of us have been together for the last 1 month)

Here is a little something about each of us:

MT1: If all 10 of us were comic book characters, He would have only one line (he can say it as many times as he wants to)… his conversation begins/ends, arguments are also resolved by one standard line: “Whats the plan for tonight”…. As long as he is around, we will always have a plan for the night (No wonder we end up doing nothing on weekends…. he ain’t around)

MT2: We were together in the South for 2 months… a pakka Bengali who loves fish ‘n’ football… one of the most enthu people I have ever come across… have not heard him complain even once.
(I still owe him 2 treats… don’t remember the reason, though)

MT3: He has just returned from the wilderness… we both have a fondness for arguments no matter what the topic- relationships, men vs women, Indian Idol, ravanna, cricket etc etc. I am not sure if his stories are funny but his style of narration definitely makes them interesting

MT4: He is just 22 (actually, he is sooooooo 22). The (athletic) bacha of the group striving to be an “eye-candy” for women… keeps us entertained with his sarcasm.

MT5: The Mallu who didnt drink… until he met us. My ‘Despo Mallu’ story (when I joined TAPMI, the Mallu girls gave us gyaan about Mallu men: “Keep away from them, they can be big despos”) was not well-received by him… His Mallu accent (sounds quite adorable) helps him get away with murder

MT6: The ‘He-Man’ with MBA in a “special” marketing course… we will remember him for his laughter of sadness (instead of tears of happiness) when he was deported to his un-preferred location.

MT7: The only HR lady among us who knows as much (maybe more) about sales as we do… when she around everyone is well-dressed, well-fed, well-taken care of and never alone

MT8: Two words brought him fame “Janu” (reserved only for the males) and “Ladke” (the word oft-used by him)… He set the record when he watched “Marigold” and found it quite ok. We couldn’t test his patience with “Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag”

MT9: The survivor of the group… be it Kanpur or Patna he will have done it “all” by the end of the training.

MT10: Umm… lets not get personal now… 😛

– Posted on 27th October 2007. Wow… I was quite wise then.

Deciphering sales language

 “You can call me anytime. Any problem… just give me a call. Don’t hesitate”
“I don’t answer calls before 10 am and after 5 pm… my cel is switched off on holidays. I am too busy during office hours… you can call… no guarantee that I will answer the phone”

“Sales is not the place for a girl”
“C’mon… there are no loos for women on the roads… how can women survive in sales”

You are right… but do understand my problem… I will have to call all the store managers and then generate the order for each store… it will take time and I have to leave right now…”
“I have better things to do… and I want to leave. I am the only one who can solve your problem but I will not… I like the power I have… I am evil beneath the cute exterior”

Some things I have learned:

  • Don’t take “No” for an answer… there is always a way out. But do know when to back out
  • Don’t assume. Question everything
  • Don’t trust anyone
  • Your assignment is someone else’s dirt… it will be treated like shit
  • Persistence pays off
  • Things will go wrong whenever they can… don’t crib
  • The road is never smooth… there are bumps at each step
  • Have atleast one friend you can call and crib at any time of the day when the going isn’t smooth. It is cathartic

– Posted on 20th October 2007. Interesting.

For the “friends” I had differences with in the last few days:

  • Don’t get so senti- there is more to life than feelings
  • There is no “complete surrender”- stop expecting it
  • Nobody knows everything about me… nobody ever will
  • Actions speak.. words are loud

– Posted on 15th October 2007. Lessons learned in Kolkata

Life just got better…. Weather is good, Kolkata doesn’t seem that bad anymore, momentum of work has increased… running against time…

Learned 2 lessons last week (courtesy JD):

1) Never drink when feeling down… you will regret it the next day
2) Watching movies alone ain’t bad…

– Posted on 11th October 2007. On Kolkata…

Sorry… for the silence… it was deliberate. Life isn’t looking up.. and I don’t want to crib on the blog.
Will be back when I am in good spirits…

People who receive my calls… Thanks… and bear with me. I am alone and scared.
Friends who do not receive my calls… I reserve you for the major mishaps in life.

In some detail:

I am in Kolkata.. battling the crowds every morning… keeping up my morale as I plod slowly through my sales project… battling loneliness and boredom when I return at 6/7 pm back to the room and have nothing to do… getting used to a new city, new language, new people… trying not to lose hope when I feel lost… trying not to scream when I am frustrated…

Just need some time… still getting settled

– Posted on 11th October 2007. My 1st and last homecoming at TAPMI… I flew from Kolkata to Bangalore and then joined batch mates on the bus to Manipal.

Some wonderful memories:

  • Bumpy ride on the bus… killing the cockroach with my Nike floaters
  • Finishing RPS’s only bottle of cheap wine… actually, A1 and Pavi are the culprits
  • RN’s monologues about “models” used in SCM… some people never change
  • A1 hugging me tight at night since I was shivering from cold… so damn tired of staying alone in impersonal hotels
  • Exploring Manipal @ 6 am with Nim-Nim
  • Meeting “CA”… finally
  • Listening to JG’s complaints about Update….
  • Beer and lunch at the beach with “collage boy”
  • Talking… talking… talking to A1 and A2
  • Boring party… all over again… I guess I have grown up. I feel sooooo old
  • Cute junies of junies… Tangy and me wishing we had joined TAPMI in 2007.
  • Giving “gyaan” to junies about sales
  • CCD… once again
  • Goodbye Manipal and TAPMI…
  • Taking Monday off to spend time with “best friend” and shop for his B’day gift.

– Posted on 29th November 2007. Traveling on local trains in Mumbai.

The tables have turned


I enter the first class ladies compartment. I know I am on the correct train… but I don’t want to take chances. There are 4 women in the compartment… 1 is listening to music on her celphone, another talking on her phone, 2 others are reading. I ask to nobody in particular; “Dadar?” One lady looks up “Yes”. I sigh with relief and pick the seat next to the window. I know it will be atleast 30 mins before I reach Dadar… yet I watch as each station passes by. I am too afraid of missing the station to sleep or read or even listen to music.
“Excuse me, which station is next?”; I ask the lady.
“And after that?”
“After that?”
(Slightly irritated) “Where do you want to get off?”
“I am getting off there too. I will let you know when we reach there”
“Ok. Thanks”


I open my bag to remove the book. Dadar is atleast 30 mins away… ample time. Another lady enters the first class ladies compartment… “Dadar?” “Yes”; I reply. The train pulls out of the station.
“Which is the next station?”
“Kurla”; I reply
“And then?”
I look up amused; “Where do you want to get off?”
“I am going to Dadar too… will let you know when we reach the station”

– Posted on 29th November 2007. KC’s words when he sort of told me he liked me. Aww….
 – From ‘Words’ by Boyzone… My fav lines
“You are not the only tuff nut… u c”
– Posted on 25th November 2007. My first date with KC at Marine Drive.

A perfect day

 Sometimes in life you take a risk and a chance when it comes to people…. despite past disappointments…
And it pays off.
Thanks K.S… I had a perfect day
And I don’t even believe in perfection
– Posted on 23rd November 2007.

You know you don’t have a life… when…

  • You spend all night and early morning trying to fix your laptop… and all it needed was ctrl+F5
  • You answer calls in the loo… (in my defence, it was a very imp call)
  • You have not tasted liquor for 24 days (and yes, I am counting)
  • No bai is ready to clean the flat even for double money
  • You start spending Sat nights with your relatives
  • You invite your 10 year old irritating, talkative cousin’s cousin for a movie (I do not like kids)
  • Your Dhobi is the guy you meet most often
  • You start returning calls 11 hrs late (I am/used to be a very, very prompt person)
  • You lose interest in shopping ( I am/used to be a Shopholic)
  • The lock of front door breaks and you can neither stay indoors nor leave for work… ‘coz the door won’t close
  • You have nothing to talk about on the blind date… and end up cootchy cooing to the kitten (But the kitten preferred my date and tried to scratch me… sigh)
  • You tutor your colleague (who is alone in a hotel in a remote location) how to open the liquor bottle without an opener on chat (Hint: Use the door latch)
  • You are trying to impress your masi (Mom’s sis) and end up spilling Chocolate Shake on your fav white t-shirt (This is how it happened… the shake was very, very thick… I was concentrating hard on sucking it… squeezed the plastic glass too hard and it spilled all over my tee… I feel like the author of a dirty novel right now)

– Posted on 22nd November 2007. From my favorite book ‘Shantaram’

4 years in 8 lines

 “….. She loved the guy. She did it for him. She would’ve have done anything for him. Some women are like that. Some loves are like that. Most loves are like that, from what I can see. Your heart starts to feel like an over crowded lifeboat. You throw your pride out to keep it afloat, and your self-respect and independence. After a while you start throwing people out- your friends, everyone you used to know. And it’s still not enough. The lifeboat is still sinking, and you know it’s going to take you down with it. I have seen it happen to a lot of girls here. I think that’s why I’m sick of love.”
From ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts
– Posted on 15th November 2007
I have been receiveing unsympathetic murderous messages (not that murderous messages can be sympathetic)
Shash : ” You now have the world record for most sim changes, congrats”
Tangy: ” You should advertise for mobile phone connections”
Bro: “Aur 5-6 no bhej do”
AS: “I have saved your no as B-latest, B-latest 1, B-latest 2… etc”
I am the owner of 9 sims… Manipal, Gujarat, Gurgaon, B’glore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai…
Is there any possibility of getting into Guiness Book of World Records for this???
I could use the fame… my blog ain’t generating enough of it 😛
Some good news:
  • Finally got in touch with R… needed to unburden my frustration to someone
  • Looking fwd to Sunday… have major plans of shopping and freaking out with girl-friends
  • Lappie has been repaired… *Poor thing*
  • An over-due chat with Honey
  • No more home-sickness… I have work to do
  • Catching up on my reading.. don’t need to buy books anymore… have joined a library… Yippie!!!
  • Lost 2 kgs without making any effort…

Sometimes its about chaging your mind… not your situation.

– Posted on 14th November 2007.

You know you have grown up… when…

  • Every conversation with relatives/family begins and ends with the word “marriage”… *shudder*
  • Kids call you “aunty” … and do that AFTER taking the candy… *nasty devils*
  • You cannot even dream of shopping on a weekday afternoon
  • You pay taxes
  • You start investing

And then life starts to suck…

Just realized that home is just another permanent address where I can touch base every few months *sigh*


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