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Finally, I downloaded this movie and watched it. I have been meaning to do that for a very long time. I like horror flicks… but KC does not… so the motivation to watch them decreases. I have not watched too many horror flicks…. Saw, Evil Dead etc which are considered classics have been skipped by me. But during MBA days… I caught up on Exorcist part 1 and 2, Gothika, The Hours in my room alone at night with the lights switched off. Horror movies have scared me… but not so much that I could not sleep.

Paranormal Activity is a very different movie… it has been shot on a regular camera and is about a couple who are haunted in their house by a “demon”. The female, Katie has been haunted since she was a kid… a psychic tells her that she cannot run from it and must contact someone who can rid of the demon. Her bf, Micah does not take it too seriously. He leaves his camera and microphone switched on all night to record any supernatural activity. Initially, its very subtle… the door closing and opening on its own… Katie hearing her voice… footsteps being heard… and gets more and more obvious… and in the end, it is drastic.
There are no scary images in the movie… no horror music… nothing… and THATS scary. I mean, when we watch a movie with people in ghost masks… we laugh at ourselves after it ends. But PA is about 2 regular people.
I went into the room at night and tried to sleep…. reading helped me sleep… then KC came in… spent sometime and went out… I lost my sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes, I could hear every sound… every footstep… I left the light on and slept…. till KC came in and was surprised to see me sleep like that.
Worth a watch.
Have skipped PA 3 in the theater ‘coz we were feeling too lazy today… but I will download and watch it. Until then, it is PA 2 next week.

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