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So, remember this post about my 3-5 am insomnia? When I mentioned it to KC, he told me how that has been happening to him since he moved into the house. And last night his friend who is bunking with us this week also woke up at 4 am.

That was the topic of discussion at the lunch table with a colleague who believes in supernatural presences (also called ghosts in layman terms). According to her, the time till 3 am is unsafe but after that we are safe. She also asked me to be extra vigilant about strange sounds and any weird goings on.

Of course, whatever be the reason for our insomnia, am not moving out of this house. Now I understand all those horror movies like Paranormal Activity (only part 1 which made me shit my pants. The rest are quite blah) where the residents would rather brave the supernatural rather than move out of the flat. I have put in too much effort to set up this place to consider moving out because it may be haunted. We will have to learn to co-exist in peace.

By the way, incase you don’t see a post on social media tomorrow morning, please do check if am alive. Sure, this post, the blog and my social media accounts will go viral and there will be movies made about me but is that the price I want to pay for fame? Ok, maybe THIS is the price am willing to pay because fame in this lifetime seems impossible right now.

MIL is arriving tomorrow and if she starts wandering around the house at 3/4 am, we know it isn’t a coincidence. (Please follow me on Twitter for my series – MIL diaries. I promise to be funny, like always).

Maybe I should start googling exorcism from now itself. But all movies have this Christianity angle. What do non believers do? There is nothing remotely religious in the house for an exorcist to use. Ugh!!! I haven’t budgeted for additional expenses this month. I am certain KC will refuse to split these expenses because he has been comfortable and has no issues with any invisible beings. I am the one with the problem so the onus lies with me.



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