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Umm… where do I begin? I went for this movie with high expectations… it was chosen over Rocket Singh… after reading the reviews and weighing all options. Completely disappointing and such a waste of money… KC and I walked out mid way.

Progeria toh ek bahana hai. The movie has the same ghisa pita story… boy and girl fall in love… have sex without protection (why??? she is studying medicine… he is a political science student… give me a Rachel and Ross version where the conception happens despite condom usage over no protection)… boy cannot commit… girl does not want to abort (umm!!! then don’t have sex without protection)… brings up a child who has progeria… child comes across father…
Thats when we walked out… I am predicting the rest of it now… father gets to know child is his… gets back with the mother… child dies in the end.
Progeria is added to bring a uniqueness to the movie… and what can be better than Amitabh playing the child of Abhishek!!! What a coup!!!
It is not even a one time watch… totally avoid.
The whole politics and Abhishek is soooooooooooo boring… Vidya Balan is looking very very good.. in Indian and Western outfits and thank god for that. I hated her in Kismat Connection and Hey Baby… what a waste of a beautiful body and face. Amitabh is good… as always.
We will watch New Moon tomorrow… hope that makes up for this disaster.

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