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I am someone who is constantly told I “ovethink”. Whatever the hell that means. Thankfully, not by my partner because well, then it would be a deal breaker. If your partner dislikes the most core characteristic about you, then she/he doesn’t deserve your time of day. My definition of “overthinker” is someone who is in touch with her/his emotions, moods and whatever lies beneath the surface. She/He is also aware about other people and what lies beneath their exterior. If, there is anything at all. Some people are just empty from the inside and the least complicated and also the least interesting ones.

My safe space is with my coach (therapist isn’t the right word for our sessions). She never makes me feel am overthinking or my emotions/feelings don’t count. Sure, being a woman she understands that some things have to be dealt with and don’t require more than a passing thought. Like, the relationship with MIL. It isn’t of too much relevance but has to be tolerated in a country like India. And an argument with my family where you have to hear the worst things about yourself. Things you have been hearing since you were a kid and those arguments never really change or evolve. It always comes back to the same things. But, why get affected by what anyone else has to say? Why should it make me feel bad when I have been hearing them for ages now?

My current work environment is so different from any other I have been part of. The East region works very, very differently and I have to constantly contemplate on the right way to deal with every situation. Take people for chai and gup shup twice a day even though I barely drink tea and am too focused on completing work to make time or just avoid it because does it even matter? Put a plug on the gossip sessions at work (even my skipping breakfast is a topic of conversation for people) or use that channel to put out unimportant information (like my food habits) to keep people’s minds diverted? These may seem like little things but they are not. Being aware of the dynamics and people relationships are very, very crucial to my success from this level up in the corporate.

Every good organization provides a coach for the senior management and those who don’t get one, generally invest into one. Because you can’t always find the right answers yourself. We all need help and I want to be aware as a manager about my strengths and weaknesses to ensure am making the right career moves. It is an important part of my life and a part where I dedicate most of my time and it will always stay that way.

Adios. Time to reach work so early, it is being cleaned when I arrive.


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