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Hiya. I cooked the most amazing toor daal today. It was a basic daal with the usual…

  • Boil daal in pressure cooker. Once the cooker cools down whisk it with a blender
  • Put it on the gas, add water if required.. add salt, green chillies, tomato, haldi, red chilli powder and bring to a boil
  • Add Maggi’s bhuna masala and Maggi masala cubes (available everywhere)
  • Bring to a boil
  • Once done… heat oil in another small pan… add rai and jeera.Once they splutter add hing. Switch off the gas and add whole red chillies
  • Add this mixture to the daal and bring to boil
  • Serve with rice

I think the bhuna masala did the trick. KC seconded my opinion.

My best friend is back in India… she will shift to Mumbai soon. I am soooo excited.
Last night KC and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. I prefer Dominoes for its garlic breadsticks but Pizza Hut is better for dining out. Few years back Dhruv and I had gone for lunch to PH. We ordered tomato soup which tasted like piss… and the pasta was the worst.
Anyway… I obviously expected PH to have learned to cook proper pasta… specially now that they are advertising their 30 new menu options. We were sorely disappointed. One bite of the pasta and we rushed for the bill. The stupid waiter didn’t charge for the drinks on realizing we didn’t like the pasta. Yes… I am complaining ‘coz he didn’t let us pay… Reasons are these:
  • We ordered pasta ‘coz we were hungry. He should have given us a pizza free instead… after all, we were still hungry but pissed
  • The drinks and pasta cost the same… why charge for pasta and not drinks? Strange!!! He should have given discount on pasta… not drinks

Screwing up a pasta is quite difficult….

My 32 inch LCD TV is installed and mounted on the wall. The problem is… it does not fit into the TV unit… since it is wall mounted watching it is difficult from the side. I have to sit right in front of the TV to watch it properly.
The 21 inch TV is mounted in the bedroom. Thankfully, there is an active cable connection there. Its a strange building I live in… the newspaper guy did not take his money for 5 months. I gave up after calling 4-5 times… and now the cable… we are getting free cable.
There are very few movies which deserve any awards this year… there were too many flops. I liked Dev D, Luck By chance, Kaminey… Wake Up Sid was bearable… songs of Love Aaj Kal were good… thats about it… Every award function has a favourite movie and most awards go to it. Politics everywhere!!!

7 thoughts on “Orgasmic Daal

  1. I guess u were too hungry and thats y the regular daal tasted so gooood 🙂
    PS: not undermining ur cooking skills 🙂

    Disagree: Screwing up Pasta or for that matter anything is not so diffcult!!
    PH has better pizzaz thn dominoes anyday…i think even ginger garlic bread (havent tasted it from dominoes since ages)

  2. @ Sundeep: The earlier tenants had cable with their TV in the bedroom. I guess they didnt get it disconnected… but I have not received the bill all these months… or maybe they put in a request for disconnection but it didn’t happen. Frankly my dear, I don’t care… 🙂

    @ RT: No… really… I have cooked toor daal umpteen times. I am not even giving credit to myself… it is the masala. Try it. Pasta is just so easy to cook… very simple and fast. And I find pizzas in PH and Dominoes similar… just prefer garlic breadsticks of Dominoes over the garlic bread in PH.

  3. Hey… c’mon. It ain’t ‘coz I am a girl. It could happen to anybody. Switch to DTH… initial cost is a little high 1750 bucks for DTH… but monthly cost is same as cable… around 300 bucks per month for all channels

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