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I prefer to shop online ‘coz I have access to most brands on my laptop. With awesome delivery times, it is super convenient. Why go mall hopping? There are amazing discounts on these websites as well.

– This was the 1st website where I started shopping. The advantage is that the discounts on a particular brand are better than those on other websites. For example, Puma has a sale. The discounts will be better than on other websites. The issue? The delivery timeline. The product gets dispatched only after the sale is over which could take anywhere from 1-5 days. They commit 21 days which is very long. You can only complain after 14 days … after which you can cancel the order or wait for another 7 days. The number of branded sales have gone down. I only buy brands I know and like from here… and only when I really need the product.

– Asos: It is my favorite website to shop at. They always have a sale and there are very good clothes costing less than 10 pounds. Issue? Delivery timeline. It is also 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays). If you do not receive it in 10 days (I never do), you can escalate the issue… you will be asked to wait another 11 days. If it does not reach, they will ship another one. My package never reaches specially in Gurgaon and a 2nd one has to be sent every single time. Thankfully, the 2nd reaches… within 10 days. I had to pay customs 2-3 times in Mumbai. But, the clothes are quite trendy. Quality can be tricky depending on the brand. I still like to shop here.

– Myntra: I really like their delivery timeline. I receive my package next day…. even when I order at 10 pm. They always have an additional 30% coupon even on discounted products.

– Jabong: It has a larger range of brands compared to Myntra. Their delivery time is excellent… next day delivery. They may or may not have additional discount and so I generally shop at Myntra and only browse Jabong when I don’t find something there

– Flipkart: This used to be my favorite website to shop fro books. Their delivery was awesome- 1-2 days… they had discounts on every book. Now they have introduced a range of products but customer service and delivery has gone down the drain. Do not shop here currently.

– I came across this website last month and ordered some stuff. Delivery sucked… even they didn’t know when I would receive the package… I got 2-3 dates and it did not reach in any of them. The box I received the clothes in was badly damaged too. I will not be shopping here no matter how trendy the clothes or how good the discounts

– Koovs: During the Google Online Shopping Festival, Koovs had a 30% discount on non discounted stuff. I purchased a skirt. I received it the next day… the quality is awesome and clothes look trendy on the website. I will be shopping here more often.

– Donebynone: I have been shopping here on and off… they do have some good clothes… and delivery is also fine. The only problem- they don’t have good discounts. Rs 100 off is not a discount. If available, I buy their products from Jabong since I get a discount through a coupon.

Yeah… thats about it. I will add to this list if I start using any other shopping site regularly.

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