Once upon a time in Mumbai

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I was eager to watch this movie due to the good reviews everywhere. KC and I went for a late night show.

The movie is strictly ok… the first half is the saving grace…. 2nd half is crap and climax is the worst. I felt extremely let down by the end (thankfully I get 1+1 ticket free with my standard chartered credit card in PVR).
The story is done to death before… Company, Sarkar, and that Ram Gopal Verma movie with Randeep Hooda… Ajay is a don with a heart. He falls in love with an actress Kangana (looking fab). Enter- Emraan Hashmi who wants to be rich by hook or crook. His love interest is Prachi (looking good). Predictably, Emraan betrays Ajay. There are a lot of loopholes… Randeep Hooda as the cop is excellent in 1st half.. in 2nd half there is not much for him to do.
Watch it once without expectations and you just might enjoy it.

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