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  • A white Swatch watch for 7k. It looked fabulous on my wrist. Sigh!!! I have never ever spent money on buying a watch. Till college my parents bought them for me. The most expensive one was a Fastrack watch for 1k. It lasted a year. My sis gifted me a Skagen, then KC gifted a red Tommy Hilfiger and KC’s friends gifted an Esprit. Unfortunately, the Skagen’s belt and glass needs replacement, Tommy needs a new original belt and Esprit needs a new battery. The problem is the belts and glass are stocked out. I have contacted many many shops. And thats why I am reluctant to blow money on an expensive watch and then watch it rot away for months. But…. the white Swatch is calling me from the showroom. Everytime I close my eyes I can see it floating around beckoning me.
  • Orra platinum and white gold earrings with diamonds. I purchased gold jewellery from Tanishq in March but have not worn it even once. After seeing the beautiful pieces in Orra I don’t like the jewellery I bought. All I want to do is sell it and buy the exquisite pieces. The white gold earrings will make me seem richer, more pretty and make my day… everyday. I can’t live without it now…

Dussehra and Durga Puja on the same day has given me a headache. The usual traffic snarls, selfish people blocking the road while dancing and noise levels at their peak characterised the day.

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