Now that I’ve had B’fast

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I cannot stay hungry, it makes me irritable and cranky. With waffles and sausages for b’fast I am blogging on a happy tummy.

The weather has been stormy past 2 days which is good… there is respite from the heat and it saves electricity. But… on Friday night after watching Pirates of Caribbean we were just sitting at home. I had dug into the lightest cheese cake and KC was online when we heard glass shattering. I thought it was the bathroom cabinet lying in the balcony. It toppled over whenever there were strong winds. If only. The glass on the balcony door had broken. We had forgotten to close it and the glass had given way due to the constant banging. The glass was all over the bed and floor in the bedroom. Catastrophe. So at midnight KC and me armed with broom and vaccum cleaner set out to clean the mess. Thats how strong the winds are here. We slept on the narrow sofa cum bed in the living room while the wind howled outside. Very uncomfortable.
The search for a good Italian restaurant continues. I have bought the Time Food Guide and marked restaurants we can visit (Ok… ok… I am crazy). The plan was to go to “56” at Golf Course Road which is supposed to be the best Italian place here. Some more research online took me to FresCo. The reviews were excellent specially for the buffet. We went there last night. Major disappointment. It is popular, the huge crowds are testimony to that. But does not even come close to Little Italy. Going for the buffet was a mistake. Italian has to be served fresh… it cannot be cooked hours earlier and then re-heated and served.
We have decided to take a break from the Italian search for the time being. There is a limit to the number of disappointments we can take in a month.
Spencers hyermarket has a bakery which serves the lightest Japanese cheese cake. It truly melts in your mouth… I have a slice whenever I am there. Yum!!!

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