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It has been a frustrating day. Apart from work woes I missed my driving classes (more on this later)… and to relieve my stress I went for some retail therapy. I went to Big Bazaar to buy a body scrub but could not find it and ended blowing money on crap I am never going to eat. Atleast they accept Sodexho meal vouchers (my company has started giving us Sodexho meal vouchers as part of our salary… I have to search for places to use them). Sigh!!!

I am not even thinking about this weekend in Rajkot. I will be so bored I might end up working.

Some good things I want to talk about:

  • On my B’day Tangy posted the below poem on the FB Wall:

It’s a perfect multiplation,
Feel the vibe, enjoy the fascination,

It’s a perfect situation,
This poem might seem to have have an ugly word combination,

Once again this is your Day,
Enjoy it in entirety in your unique way,

Wishing happy birthday to you,
And may all your dreams come true,

Get high tonight, even if it is on Red Bull
Happy happy birthday again to you Bulbul

It reminded me of my B’day 2 years back in B’glore. I had worked all day in the heat, fell ill and went to bed early. I didn’t even have the energy to answer the phone. The day I was supposed to leave for Chennai Tangy met up with me in CCD on Brigade road. He gifted me a pair of wooden bangles (I still have them) and I was touched. It was the only B’day gift I received that year.
Thanks Tangy… again.

  • Appu called sometime back to tell me that Sakshi and Siddarth won Splitsville and it is good I didn’t ask Joanna at the airport about the winners. She would have murdered me.
  • KC has decided to stay home and play Scrabble with me all night instead of meeting his friends. Sweet!!!

Now for the driving classes… I bought a car last month. I have been planning to buy one for a year now… come to think of it, if I would have purchased it last year the car loan would have been paid off by now. I learned to drive 2 years back (I remember writing about it on my blog and Gunj’s comments… and Nick letting me drive his car in A’bad). Since then I have not touched a car. But last week I wanted to take KC, his bro and bro’s friend for a drive. The other two were unaware about the lack of my driving skills and KC was holding on to his life. I could not drive it well and the car stopped in the middle of a busy road. That was the end of the drive. KC nagged me into learning to drive all over again. I spent half hour making “8” on the ground in the car. Today I practised using the clutch and accelerator such that the car doesn’t stop on a stimulator… and my car will come to Rajkot on Monday.

Yippie!!! I just need to find a driver by then.

I am watching Lipstick Jungle on Starworld… I have read the book… hope the series is good.

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  1. stop watching stupid stuff(splitsvilla)…they dont even show genuine bitchy and cat fights… atleast that would have been entertaining…

    I havent got a set top box yet so missing on lipstick jungle… 🙁

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