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Before this blog gets the reputation of being a ‘reviews blog’ let me update it.

Yesterday… I had a monthly meeting with my team. For lunch we decided to go to ‘Phoenix Mills’ or the restaurant in the office campus instead of ordering in. We headed to campus wala restaurant… I paid with my credit card… and headed for another meeting in Powai. On the way I stopped at the petrol pump… and realized my credit card was missing. I went into a shock… hoping I had left it at the restaurant (losing it would be devastating) I called and confirmed. They had the card… one of my team members was in office and picked it up from the place. We got late for the meeting… I parked at Hiranandani in a ‘No Parking Zone’ expecting to be back by 5.30 pm… cars are generally towed away after 5.30… I was back at 6.30 pm… the car had been towed away… I rushed to the police chowki to retrieve it. The cops were demanding an atrocious amount ‘coz I didn’t have a PUC… the guy at the petrol pump had asked me to get the PUC but I was so upset ‘coz of the missing credit card I ignored him… we could not attend another meeting since it got so late… but I made it for the doc’s appointment.
So…. if only we had lunch in office… I would not have misplaced my card.. the car would not get towed away… I would have attended the 2nd meeting…
Reminds me of the movie ‘Run Lola Run’…

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