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I read good and bad reviews about the movie but wanted to watch it. Ram Gopal Verma is one of the best directors when it comes to thrillers… he has proved it in the past. Also, Mahi Gill is a damn actress and I wanted to watch the movie.

The story is based on the Neeraj Grover murder case whose verdict was out last week. The correct time to release the movie. It is completely based on facts… no judgements, no moralizing. The movie only states what happened. The acting is damn good and reading about gory facts is so different from watching it on screen. Maria and Jerome have sex in reality after murdering Neeraj. Its shocking.
The camera angles are weird but thats just RGV. No other director would take shots of the car from above.
I do wish there was some deviation from facts… those who have followed the case will not find it very revealing. When you make a movie you need to bring something to the table. RGV has not done that. He has just stated facts… even the end is abrupt since the verdict was not out.
I am sickened that the court has released Maria. She helped Jerome in covering up the murder. What kind of sick people chop off a body into pieces and burn it? Do we want someone like that living around us? Shouldn’t such people be made to rot in jail all their life instead of being let off? What was Neeraj’s fault? Trusting the wrong person?
Its a sick sick world we live in.

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