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Hi all… I have been here and yet, not here. You know how sometimes you are having good days and it makes you happy… and then other times things are not going well… despite your best efforts?

I keep fluctuating between the two… today, things are on an upswing.

KC and I have decided to have a baby. I don’t like kids and am not ashamed to say so. Who says everyone has to like kids? My sis and parents were very surprised when I was doting on my nephews. They did not expect me to… at all. And don’t get me started on new born babies. Few weeks back a fb friend put up the pics of his new born baby who still had some goo or something on his feet. It was disgusting… I wanted to puke everytime the pic came up on my newsfeed. The fact is new born kids look the same… the only cute things (if at all) are appreciated by the people who know/like/love the baby. For the rest, its not a big deal. It is only when they grow up that the pics may look appealing/cute. And frankly, new born babies look ugly… all pink/red and wrinkled. Yes, I will say that about my kid too. So, why are we planning a kid? Because, my biological clock is ticking and I don’t want to regret it later. That is the ONLY reason I am considering it. And planning a baby is tough. All those technical things about ovulation and stuff. If I had known I would have had unprotected sex as a teenager (only with virgins and monogamous guys to avoid STDs). Funny, isn’t it? The biggest fear while having sex before marriage is pregnancy and after marriage you realize that it is actually very difficult to get pregnant. Ironical.

I don’t know why I mentioned the kid stuff… oh well, no big deal.

We are living without water for the last 2 days. On Friday, we woke up to no water at home. Generally, the society puts up a notice in advance but there was no warning that day. The water came at 8.30 am and we rushed with our bath to reach office on time. I would have taken leave otherwise… there is no way am moving outdoors without a bath. The situation was supposed to get resolved today but we are still living without water. The 4 hours (morning and night) we get water is such a relief. We rush to fill buckets and wash clothes. Gives a perspective on life in most cities of India.

I have joined Fitness First after 2 free sessions and a lot of back and forth. I told myself I have earned an expensive gym… I had made full use of the 1 year membership at a cheaper gym.. and reached a fitness level that was unimaginable (to me). There were a few bumps initially. I made the mistake of joining their Body First programme which costs 2k and includes 2 sessions with a nutritional counsellor and 3 sessions with a personal trainer. The 2k is refunded 3 months back later if you visit the gym atleast 10 times in each month. They have too many terms and conditions. Anyway, I went crazy trying to set up appointments with the counsellor and trainer. They both would cancel at the last moment or our timing wouldn’t match. Finally, I threatened to complain to the centre manager. Thats when things were resolved. They also gave me a female trainer who was good but not great. Apparently, all females are trained by her. I decided to switch to a male trainer. I just think men know more about fitness. Women have just started becoming aware about fitness specially when it comes to weight training while men have been doing this for ages. Of course, there are good female trainers but very few.

The group classes though are damn good. 1 hour of continuous workout makes me very, very sore. I have attended a class on core workout and the beginner level was planks… the advanced level had planks on bosu ball etc. The body balance class was a mix of tai chi, yoga, pilates and ended with some meditation. Body combat is kick boxing and very intense cardio. It is believable that it burns 500-600 calories in 1 hour. My favorite is body pump which works out the whole body and tones muscles. It includes overhead presses, lunges, squats, weights squats, planks etc. I hope this shows results. Like I was telling KC, if I cannot improve my fitness levels in the next 6 months (have joined for 6 months) I will join back a cheaper gym. I have to prove I deserve it.

Thats it for now… am really hungry. Bye bye.

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