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Somedays you can’t eliminate the toxic people from your life

And you are helpless because your life’s big decisions are being made by someone else

You are just a pawn on the corporate chessboard.

All you have to do is move out of the way to untangle the situation and that is scary

Because you are dispensable.

All you want is a good night’s sleep and the load off your mind

But that is a luxury right now.

And your body refuses to make the mind succumb

Because it isn’t feeling 100%.


What I would give to run away from here, leave everything behind

That’s the only way to win this high stakes game.

But nobody will let me.


Taking a stand is not actually taking a stand if the stakes are not high. If you are not going to lose something important in the game. What differentiates you from another corporate rat? It doesn’t matter what people around think about you. It is about who you think you are and if you can look yourself in the mirror. It isn’t being a good or bad person. It is about knowing your greys and being ok with that.

The solution isn’t to run away. It is to stay and fight. But what if someone else is fighting instead of you and he/she has his own motives? And you can trust nobody. Because we are all pawns in someone else’s game. And unless we understand the game fully, we can’t hope to win it. I do understand this game, though it is very complicated. I do know the motives and objectives behind everyone’s move and my only weapon is that am the victim. Nobody wants to win against the victim, it makes them look weak.

I hate the uncertainty. Patience isn’t my virtue. Just give me a “Yes” or a “No” so I can make Plan B. Give me anything but uncertainty.

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