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Do you remember that moment when you said “Enough is enough. I am done with this shit”? It isn’t one moment that breaks a relationship, it is a series of moments where you went “This is IT”. I am not talking about random people here but people who are closest to you and know exactly how to hit you so it hurts.

Everytime I want to pick up the phone and speak to my parents, I remember these moments and don’t bother. It is amazing how you can live with the pain of a hole in your heart where your loved ones punched you over and over again and then slowly become numb and indifferent. It is fascinating.

I am slow when it comes to cutting people off from my life which is a good thing. I am your worst kind of stalker who will stick around till you make it clear that you don’t want her around. Sometimes, even after that. But then comes that punch in the gut moment and you know you need to end this shit. But you don’t. You stick around waiting for that moment when you realize you have been hurt so many times, it doesn’t even hurt anymore. The moment when you become indifferent. That’s your cue to leave. Walk away and never come back. Ever.


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