No one killed Jessica

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Hiya… I watched this one alone and woke up 7 am to catch the 10.45 am show. It is a damn movie… reality based… less sensation… no songs (except in the background)… more facts… Vidya and Rani both are good. I don’t know why they are having a cold war, they just have 2-3 scenes together. It shows that media can make and also break. In this case it overturned a judgement.

I love Amit Trivedi- the music director. Whether it is Dev D, Udaan or NOKJ the music blends into the movie. Generally, music directors have a style which is repeated in most songs- A R Rehman, Pritam, Bappi Lahiri, Anu Malik etc… not so with AT. The music fits the movie and not the other way round. And this coming from me who does not understand music at all is huge.
I was googling the Jessica Lal case and was surprised to read that Manu Sharma was found partying last year even though he was supposed to be in prison. Has justice really been served or can the rich and powerful get out of anything?
I was sad to know Peeya Rai Chaudhary (Kiran of Hip Hip Hurray) is married to the coward Shayan Munshi. I have always liked Peeya and love watching her in the smallest roles. Sigh!!! I think they are separating. Jessica Lal case is not definitely not the reason for it.
And yet I wonder- was Shayan really wrong? I mean… what would you do if someone threatened you and asked you to lie in court? If the mad person can shoot without provocation would he think twice before shooting Shayan if he has been honest?
We discover our true character only during such tests.
I hate this man- Ram Jethmalani. Many years back I was reading a book written by him about how he won cases. He had clearly written about how he manipulated the situation to let the criminal go scot free instead of proving what is right.

I had been following Ruchika Girhotra case and was saddened that despite all the uproar the accused was given a sentence of 1.5 years imprisonment. Were the 19 years of court proceedings worth it? A million dollar question. Does the fight ever end?

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