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I read posts on regularly. The posts are knowledgeable and tried and tested… more importantly, they are written by people who themselves are fit and workout regularly.

There is a post here on No excuses. Excuses are the bane of fitness… it is what keeps many from working out regularly.

On days that I don’t workout I eat more… worse, I eat crap. Its a whole circle… eat crap, don’t workout or don’t workout and then eat crap.

I had mentioned that the heat is affecting my runs. Even at 7 am it is so hot and sunny. So I had decided to run at 5 am and decided to wake up at early on Sunday.

I woke up at 5 am but it was dark… then I woke up at 5.30 am and it was still dark outside… at 6 am it was raining. Great!!! I thought and went to sleep and woke up at 7.45 am. How was I to run now??? It was almost 8 am. I decided to skip it… maybe go for a swim or Jazz instead. And then I checked fb where I follow (love the option of ‘follow’ instead of making friends with some people) Abhishek Mishra. He is a runner in Gurgaon and associated with my NGOs. I had met him at the trail run for my 1st 10 km. He had posted at 5 am ‘The perfect weather for a run’. And I was missing it. Till now I had been complaining about the weather and now that the weather was perfect I still didn’t want to run. Excuses… and then… I wore my shoes and ran for 16 km. It took me much longer but I ran. Sometimes it is just about taking the first step… that is half the battle.

It was KC’s b’day yesterday and I kept wondering how to surprise him. I have already done things like… inviting his friends over at midnight to surprise him… surprising him at his house at midnight… arranging a surprise party at a restaurant in Mumbai… baking him a cake… what now? I decided to get flowers and cake delivered at midnight. Ferns and Petals provides the service. I booked the flowers, bought a bottle of wine which they were supposed to deliver and the cake was booked at Binge (a famous bakery in Gurgaon). On Friday I went to pick up the cake… and they had forgotten. Their guy had messed up the order. I had 15 mins to arrange for a new cake. Finally, they agreed to arrange a replacement asap and it was delivered home which I tried to hide it as best as I could in the fridge. Thankfully, KC came home late and sloshed from a office party and did not spot it. He was pleasantly surprised at midnight. But now am wondering… what will I do next year? How will I surprise him?

The heat is really getting to me. 45 degrees is no joke. I was out for 5 mins in the sun and got a headache later. Plus, we don’t have an AC. We did have one but decided to sell it off. Biggest mistake of our lives. We were so tired of installing and uninstalling the ACs while shifting houses that during our recent shift, we got frustrated and sold off the AC. The plan was to buy a cooler which would be portable and consume less electricity and we bought a Symphony cooler in April. All was well till the temperature reached 40 degrees… and then the cooler was also not enough. And then few days back, it stopped cooling. The pump has failed so for the last 2-3 nights we have a cooler which throws hot air on us. We wake up drenched in our sweats and 2-3 trips to the kitchen to drink cold water at night is common. Things got so bad that on Friday I lost my temper several times… at the swimming pool and at work. You see, I was not sleeping well and the effect showed. Symphony has set new lows in service… the repair guys refuse to come. Horrible… horrible company. Please do not buy products from this company… it is the worst. Rude… rude people working there. And horrible products too.



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