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This is one movie I failed to catch in the theatre… thankfully and watched it on CD… unfortunately.
The idea of Katrina and John as leads in a flick was unappetising… both cannot act… both are sex symbols… both have made it ‘coz of their looks…
It is crap… 1st half is good… 2nd half sucks… What was Karan Johar thinking? How can such a serious topic be taken so lightly? I mean… WTF!!! And John cannot act… he just can’t… he uses one expression throughout… he could make a wood cry in frustration… and whats with Katrina’s character??? Her hubby is a terrorist and she is ok with it??????????
And people appreciated it? People… whats wrong with you? How could you like it????

4 thoughts on “New York

  1. I dont know what you’re talking about. My brain turned off completely in all the scenes that had Katrina in them. As for the scenes with John in them, it was working on overdrive to keep everything out. Overall, Katrina in New York is a beauty in a beautiful setting. And what more can a guy ask for. If only all women looked like her.. the world would be a much kinder, better, happier place. Ahh, sweet Utopia.

  2. Lol… thank god there are people who didn’t like this dumb movie. Good looks cannot make the world kinder, better and happier… if it were so… Katrina would not act like a dumb blonde in movie.

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