New year resolutions….

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Naah. I am doing away with resolutions this year. I was going through last year’s resolutions (Thats why a blog is so useful… you can chronicle your life and go back to it anytime)… grow hair and lose weight. I have done none of them. Instead, I went and chopped my hair real short… the shortest they have been in a few years and I like it.
Of the year gone by I only want to remember the good parts ‘coz thats what matters…
There were 2 big changes… the most important ones… life changing ones…
  • KC and I moved in together. He was in Karnataka earlier and I was in Mumbai. We met every weekend. 2011 is the year that we started living like a married couple… and it has been amazing… Ups and downs… but I love it… so much so that being away for even 2 days is a drag. I start getting bored… if I come home even by 7 pm, there is nothing to do. I do
    like living alone… but I also like living with someone. Since we moved in together, we always made some long term decisions like buying a house. Our finances are screwed up but we are living one month at a time.
  • I went home during Diwali after more than 2 years. I used to dream about my room, my bed and it was so nice to see it. Home is still the same, unfortunately it is no more the place I can go for solace at a whim.
There were other good things and I want to remember them:
  • Jazz classes… how my life has changed ‘coz of them. Right now, we are preparing for the workshop on 28th Jan’12. It is so damn difficult.. remembering all the steps for one whole
  • song… and also trying to perform. Today, finally, after 6 months… my instructor actually praised me. All this time I thought she probably hates me. Yippie.
  • Cooking… 2011 is the year when I got more into cooking… and have tried so many things. I am still not doing half as much as I want to but then I am not superwoman and something has to be on the back burner.
  • Leh/Ladakh trip… Goa trip… Sariska National Park… all the trips… new experiences…
  • Downloads… more downloads… and so many more… True Blood… Gossip Girl… 90210… Vampire Diaries… The Big Bang Theory…
  • Bryan Adams concert… so what if we missed half of it ‘coz of traffic
  • The new couch and having a room only to lounge around…
  • Roasting in the Delhi heat… and now snuggling in the cold weather… love the cold
  • So much good food… Little Italy, Pind Balluchi, Kake ka dhaba, macaroons at L’Opera, Big Chill
  • Make up… discovering it…
  • Back to Nokia …. Blackberry sucks
  • Incentives… contests won…. 2 of them…
  • New haircuts… good ones (for a change)
  • August Osage County… 2nd celebrity play (1st was Vagina Monologues)
  • Online shopping at… my addiction
  • So many movies and books… what would I do without them

I hope 2012 can have all the above ingredients … and maybe more.

I leave you with a perfect picture of what 2011 has meant…

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