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I bought a new phone last month. It is my first smartphone. Yep, I did take my time to jump onto the bandwagon. I could never understand how anyone can spend 20k on a phone. After all, it is used to make calls, send text and check emails. What else is a phone needed for?
Apparently… a lot.
When KC and I first visited Reliance Digital to check out phones I was confused. What is an andriod…. windows phone? Whats the difference? Which is better?
The week after that we went to Croma… the sales guy explained the differences between the phones. By then, I had shortlisted Nokia Lumia and a Samsung phone. I did not want to try HTC or Blackberry.
I picked a Nokia Lumia 820 for 3 reasons:
– It is a Windows phone. Apparently, the apps on windows are security tested while those of Android can be uploaded any one.
– It is a Nokia. I am a Nokia loyalist… have always had one. They are the only sturdy phones in the market and can survive my clumsy fingers
– It has color options. I bought a red phone. Why don’t more phone companies have color options? I would gladly pay more money to buy a phone in color.

Things I do with my phone:
– Make calls
– Send text
– Check fb, twitter, mails
– Click awesome pics
– Use as a kindle
– Use as an alarm
– Play Fruit Ninja
– Read my horoscope
– Check in at foursquare
– Use the internet
– Use as a GPS
– Check linkedin
– Make notes
– Search for recipes
– Stay online on fb, gtalk, whatsapp
– Look for restaurants on zomato
– Listen to music

All in all… I am very happy with the phone. A smartphone is worth all the hype. I am never bored or lonely with it around me.
The battery is fairly decent. I have also purchased a portable charger from Nokia (costs 1400 bucks). It needs to be charged for a few hours and can charge any phone once on the go. I charge it every night and use it while travelling.

I will write a post on the best and most useful apps on windows phone next week.

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