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I have 2 phones… “Why”; you may ask. ‘Coz I have 2 SIMs.
“Why?”; again, you may ask. One SIM is for my official no and another for my personal one. “Why not have just 1?”. Well, I like to switch off my official no on Sundays… and after 9 pm on weekdays. I am entitled to a life. Apart from that I prefer to have separate bills since official bill is reimbursed. I also use GPRS on the personal no… so… it is more expensive…. but saves the effort.

I had N73 for personal no and Nokia 3110 for official no. 3110 has been giving a lot of battery trouble… bugged and irritated I decided to buy a new phone. N73 is my fav… I bought it in Aug 2007 with my 2nd salary for a princely sum of 17k. It costs around 14k right now. KC bought a Samsung Touch last month and I was tempted to buy a new phone but didn’t really need one. Since the last few weeks N73 has been giving sound problems… I could barely hear the other person even on full volume. Using a bluetooth all the time is not too convenient.
Today… I bought a Sony Ericsson Walkman (Nokia does not have great looking phones in the low end segment) and Nokia E63. I am loving it… E63 is a superb phone…. Dhruv and Soheil have given it good reviews… I remember trying it out while buying N73 but had no use for a business phone. Now I do!!!

I don’t like touch phones… I find them too senstive… people as clumsy as me should stay away from sensitive phones.

East or West… Nokia is the best!!!

PS: Nokia is not paying me to write positive reviews…. unfortunately.

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