New job… new city… new house… new life

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Hey… I have been gone long… Here is an update:

1) Last Sunday KC and I headed for ‘The Proposal’ starring Sandra Bullock.

I will not a write a brief about the movie… Hollywood churns out such dumb chick flicks every quarter (don’t mind the sales lingo)… it is surprising to see a good actress starring in this. Please avoid. Badi bakwaas hai… KC and I needed something light and didn’t intend to watch New York so we did survive the experience.

2) It rained quite heavily is Mumbai on Monday and Tuesday. There were rumors of floods and the people (even in office) were glued to the TV all day. I did venture out for some work… and realized that Mumbai people panick too soon and sometimes the rains are over-rated. Yes… it was raining heavily… yes… roads were water logged… yes… some roads were blocked… yes… traffic was killing… BUT… only one side of the roads (which were low lying) were water logged… all the news channels were beeping those images on TV… the other side of the road where vehicles were moving was ignored giving viewers the wrong impression. Milan and Khar subway are flooded even when it drizzles… there are reporters permanently posted there. Everytime it rains they interview the people living near by and make a big show out of it. Everyone came to office albeit a little late… left at the regular time and reached home safely. The trains were also running though a little late. Much ado about nothing???

3) I have quit my job… and shifted to Mumbai. The house hunting was toture but finally the registration is done and I am moving in this Wednesday… have started furnishing it. I have a week off before I join the next company and I am wondering what to do. I have been waiting for this break… and yet the thought of doing nothing is not too appealing.

4) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I love all the HP movies. It has been a long time since I read the book so I am not sure if the movie completely relates to the book. The fact that the characters in the movie are like the ones in the book is good enough for me. I liked this part… it is scarier… and the ending is sad. People did not even like this book as much ‘coz Dumbledore dies in the end which was not expected. I won’t be surprised if this movie is not liked by all.

5) New MoonThis is the sequel to ‘Twilight’. I was not too keen on reading this one but my curiosity got better of me. The book has Werewolves and Vampires. Wow!!! I liked it and will definitely read the 3rd part.

Good night.

4 thoughts on “New job… new city… new house… new life

  1. Not seen ‘The Proposal’, so no comments.

    Loved the HP-6 movie (all actors really played their parts well..even Draco (Tom) was good) Wish the senior characters like Lupin, Tonks, were given more screen time…totally missed a couple of scenes which were quite important in the book…do not like the deviations made from the original story …but all in all it is a good movie….hope you like it too..:)

    You may like all the books of the ‘Twilight ‘ series. I was totally hooked by the end of the first one (initially I was skeptical if I will like it ..:)).

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