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Hi… I just returned from the Monkey Bar. It is this very, very famous place in Vasant Kunj in Delhi. Its USP is the pyramid shaped glass ceiling from which you can see the sky. I was very excited to go there… have been trying to plan for weeks but the stupid cricket season means that KC declares on a Sunday- ‘I don’t want to go out today’. Which is a bummer because I hate spending all day indoors. Last Sunday, irritated and bugged, I took off to the Promenade Mall… not to shop… I like to sip hot chocolate in Choco La and people watch. Yes, there is a Choco La in gurgaon too which is 5 mins from the house. But where is the drama in driving 5 mins away when frustrated… right? Plus, I like the drive.

Anyway, Monkey Bar was a big disappointment… shitty music, bad food, pathetic service. I had actually planned to have dessert there. Yep, it is an honour for the outlet when I eat dessert there. But I was too disappointed. And it is the worst thing in the world… to gain calories through bad dessert. When I do plan to eat something sweet, overloaded with calories I want it to be worth it. I want violins to start playing around me… my body to feel the orgasmic taste of each bite and then recall it later in my dreams. High expectations? And thats why I rarely eat desserts.

I discovered this new place in Gurgaon- Manhattan. Actually, my ex-colleague recommended it to me. When another ex colleague travelled from Mumbai we met at Manhattan on a Thursday for the stand up comedy night. I loved it. The crowd was great… so was the food. And the stand up comedy was hilarious… atleast most of it. There are very few genuinely funny comedians in India. I don’t find Laughter Challenge etc on TV funny. They are just over the top hamming. I dragged KC the next Thursday when one of the guys from AIB (don’t know AIB- All India Bakchod??? Shoo off from my blog) was supposed to host. He was not funny at all. He started off with a lame Mumbai Vs Delhi joke. Seriously, is there anything new left to say? We all know you can like either one of the cities. There is no man/woman alive who likes both. There was another guy Kenneth Sebastian who is cute, funny and strums the guitar. He asked the audience to give him random words and he would sing a song with all the words… I wondered what kind of song will have words like gutter, fun, love etc etc but he composed a hilarious song. Check him out on youtube though he is funnier than the videos.

Last year when I paid for VLCC gym I had done a thorough calculation. On a monthly basis, the gym costs 3500+ but yearly it costs less than 2k per month. 2k for a gym is dirt cheap in Gurgaon and even if I worked out there for 9 out of 12 months, it was a good deal. Over the past year my goals have changed and I have started scouting around  for a new gym. It came down to Crossfit and Fitness First.


– Charge on a per month basis. They do not have yearly memberships which is good. On the flip side, in Bangalore Crossfit has a plan wherein you pay 3k for 12 classes in a month. They do not have this in Gurgaon. The charges are Rs 5500 and you can come everyday. I do not like differential pricing in cities.

– I attended 1 free class and it was kind of good. We were taught a skill wherein we had to throw a ball (weight depending on person’s ability) at the wall and then catch it. We had workout of the day wherein 3-4 exercises had to be completed in a circuit as many times as possible within a limited time. We did planks so many times that it hurt. My concern is that the circuit training was about speed and not form. What if someone did not do the workouts correctly? Form is more important than speed.

– The instructor was good in class but am not sure if he is knowledgeable about weight loss… muscle gain… etc etc

– Located very close to the house… making it convenient

– I attended a morning class on Saturday and there were only 3 other people. Strange!!!

Fitness First:

– They do not have any monthly plan. Seriously… you either pay for 3 months or give a commitment for 6 months. Which is the easiest way to make money. Even though I have not missed 1 month of workout in the last 12 months I don’t like committing for 6 months. I have missed days… maybe even a week but never an entire month. But in the past… many, many times I have paid for a few months together and missed so many of them. I don’t know anyone who would have worked out every month. It is such a cheap ploy to earn a fast buck. And I have read horror stories online about this. People call to cancel and yet get charged on their credit card. Thankfully, with the pin authorisation nowadays the credit card cannot be automatically charged (or can it?)

– The gym is impressive… lots and lots of machines… Body mass analysis machine to track your progress… spinning studio… group exercises… steam… sauna… showers… juice bars… loved the whole environment. It would make me want to go to the gym and spend a few hours there

– Location is farther than Crossfit. Worse, there is a lot of traffic during peak periods.

– The instructors are very knowledgeable. I had taken a free session few months back and the instructor was bang on when he asked me why I am wasting my muscles on cardio/long runs. He also pointed out that even though I know so much about fitness I don’t know which workouts I do everyday and how they benefit. That is when I started reading and created my workout plan.

– I attended the kick boxing class yesterday. When the instructor said you can burn 600-700 calories per class, ‘humbug’ I said. Burning even 500 calories is a lot of work. But the class was awesome… we worked out non stop for 60 mins… my arms are still sore. When you are in a room with people for 60 mins, you have to move… there is no way out and I loved it.

Keeping everything in mind I have decided to join Fitness First. Really want to start from 1st August but don’t want to waste 1 month’s charges since I have paid till August end. But Sept onwards, FF it is.


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  1. Kenneth is super cute … I saw him the first time I went…!!
    Btw- u do know 1 person who likes both delhi n mumbai…;) …. Erm me in case u didnt guess it!

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